Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 136 of 365

Jim and i both love the shows.  The comedians were really good and the after dinner shows are really good.  The food of course is amazing.  Tonight we had Chateaubriand that was so good.  My appetizer was chilled bing cherry soup and his was lobster bisque.  For dessert I had Grand Marnier Souffle.  Trust me when I say this, ORDER IT!  In fact, order an extra because when you finish your small serving you will want another, even if it is just to share.  So good!

Remember to pick up that plastic hanging shoe organizer I told you about if you haven't.  It has made all the difference for the bottles of stuff laying around.  Also, you might ask your room steward/stewardess to leave the towel animals that they make everyday instead of taking it when they make a new one.  We put ours in our window cover and they are just adorable. 

The serenity deck is one of my faves.  Over 21 only hot tubs and deck chairs.  Good place for star gazing at night.  There are many clubs on the ship for dancing and Karaoke etc.  You are going to have so much fun!  We are already talking about when we can do it again!

We are getting ready to do tonight's activities.  I think we are going to big screen trivia, then their version of a game show called 60 seconds or less, then liar's club.

Also, one of my favorite parts are the little dance numbers and singing that the waiters and waitresses do after they serve you dessert.  Don't get up and leave until they do them as they are a lot of fun.

Really I guess I would have to say I have loved everything.  Tomorrow is the newlywed and Marriage show as well as Karaoke for St. Jude-Applause for a cause.  St Jude is such an amazing place and carnival teamed up with them to help out.

Okay, rambled just about long enough.  Have a great time and if I don't chat with you before the big day, good luck and I'll be envious that you are on the ship and we are back home LOL.

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