Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 135 of 365

Hi Emmy!  I love you so so much and miss you a ton!  We are having a great time.  Tonight Brat Pappy and I got all dressed up and had a fancy shmancy dinner.  We had lobster, shrimp and prime rib. For an appetizer I had chilled strawberry bisque (soup) and it was OH SO GOOD!  Brat Pappy had Beef and Minestrone soup for his appetizer then we both had Cherries Jubilee for dessert.

We went to see three comedy acts that were very funny and also went to the show after dinner called Extreme Country.  We went there with Sarah and her daughter and we all had a lot of fun!  You would have loved the show.  We were laughing and singing.  They did Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Reba and a whole lot more.  Our cruise director plays the fiddle and he is really really good! 

The last comedy show ended at 11:30 then we popped by the midnight buffet for a snack and then headed back to the room. 

Tomorrow we will dock in Progreso, Yucatan. The pier from where the ship docks until you get to the little town is the longest one in the WORLD.  It is around 4 1/2 MILES long.  You have to take a shuttle bus from the ship to the end of the pier!  We are planning on taking a double decker bus tour to see around this small town.  Then maybe get massages on the beach and come back to the ship to relax while most everyone else is in port. 

Hope you have a great time with the relatives!  I love all of you very much!  Brat Pappy sends big hugs!


PS Don't forget to brush your teeth and use your inhaler :)

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