Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 135 of 365 part 4

Took a nap and Jim woke me at 5:30 so we could start getting ready for supper.  As an appetizer tonight I had two little fried mozzarella squares and a plate of fresh fruit called the fantasy of fruit.  Jim had some navy bean soup that he said was excellent.  For the entree I had sweet and sour shrimp.  They were easily 6 inches long and OMG I think they are the best thing I have had (well tied with the chocolate melting cake which I had for dessert again!)  Luckily for me, right before I took a bite of the fried rice that was with them, I stopped and thought WAIT are there bean sprouts in this?  I called over our waiter Abadi, and asked.  Sure enough it did!  Good thing I asked!  I had him remove it and get me another fork.  Sure didn't want an allergic reaction on the ship.  Jim had Grilled Mahi Mahi that he loved and I tried and even liked it and I hate fish!  For dessert he had coconut cake.  After we were finished eating all the waiters did their dance and song for us and were great.  I love the group that takes care of us!

Tonight we are going to Game Show Mania, Karaoke and then the mega deck party.  They will be doing a Mexican buffet at 11 PM to celebrate us being in Mexico!

Our towel animal tonight is a cute elephant!  We are taking their pictures and then placing the animals in our window.  They keep taking them when they make new ones so tonight I left a note on him tha says "Please leave me in the window and make me a playmate!" 

Okay, off to get into some trouble.  And as our Maitre D' says every night "What happens on the ship, stays on the ship!"

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