Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 145 of 365

Found a neat recipe on one of my favorite blogs  Our Best Bites .  The ladies over there never cease to amaze me with the stuff they come up with on their own, or they find from other sources and pass along to their readers.  A few hours from now it will be April Fool's Day, and they had some neat ideas.  I grabbed one and ran with it.  This is a picture of what I am sending to work with Jim tomorrow

At first glance it appears to be a plate of yummy spaghetti and meatballs, however these are cupcakes!  Too cute for words!

Happy April Fool's Day, all!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 144 of 365

At first this was a private post to myself, a place holder if you will.  Instead I will simply say this:

It has come to my attention that I have a stalker.  I have nothing to hide so I am not going to remove this.  Just remember that cyber stalking and cyber bullying are now considered a crime in this country.  It may be new territory, but it is not going to be tolerated for long.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 143 of 365

Had a semi productive day.  Got the dishwasher filled and run, did some laundry, folded and hung laundry, did a little grocery shopping, had lunch at Em's school, cooked supper.  Not bad for sleeping like crap last night.  Hoping tonight brings a full night of sleeping, for sure!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 142 of 365

Still working on my land legs.  Feeling very wobbly.  Guess I should have stayed on the boat a little longer ;-)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 141 of 365

It amazes me always when people just can't accept that THEY are not in control all the time.  They are always looking for things to complain about, even if there is nothing to complain about at all.  Grasping at straws seems to be the theme with some people.  Grow up and move on :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 140 of 365

The family left this morning to head home.  I appreciate them so much.  Without their help, Jim and I could not have gone on vacation.  I didn't get much done today as I still do not have my land legs back.  Hope they show up soon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 139 of 365

Okay, got all the posts entered for our time at sea.  We really did have a great time!  Now to try and work on pictures!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 138 of 365

We arrived back in Marlin, safe and sound!  Will be back posting all of my blog entries for the days we were on the ship either today or tomorrow.

Day 138 of 365

We spent most of the day running around the ship doing all kinds of activities.  We went to the Newlywed/Marriage show, Who Wishes They Could Be A Millionaire, Survey Says, ice carving etc.  We had baby back ribs in the MDR for lunch and they were amazing!   At 5 o'clock they had the fun farewell party with free drinks and live music.  We went with Sarah and her daughter and tipped our waitress $5 and our table and the one beside ours were ALWAYS covered in full drinks.  The music was so good and we were singing our little hearts out to the sounds coming from a group that were all one family, from the Philippines but sang like they were Americans LOL.  After 9 drinks, I took number 10 to the MDR for supper and was feeling no pain!  Supper was amazing as always with lots of different things we tried.  Ended supper with baked alaska and Chocolate melting cake.  Our waiters did a number after dinner, singing the following to the tune of "Leaving on a Jet Plane"

Leaving on a Funship

All your bags are packed
You’re ready to go
We’re standing here in front of you
We hate to see you go and say Goodbye

We have done our best
To serve you this cruise
We have danced for you and made you smile
Already we’re so lonesome we could cry

So wave to me and smile for me
Tell me you’ll be back for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
You’re leaving on a Funship
We want to see you back again
We hate to let you go

Every ship you go, we’ll think of you
Every song we sing, we sing for you
When you come back, we want to serve you again
Again, Again, Again

So wave to me and smile for me
Tell me you’ll be back for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
You’re leaving on a Funship
We want to see you back again

Leaving on a Funship
We want to see you back again...

It was so sad :( but fun LOL

We had to have our bags out in the hall by 10 so Jim went back from the comedy shows that we went to all evening to make sure they got out on time.  The Punchliner comedy club had Tommy Drake and Carl Faulkenberry.  They were both hilarious!  By the time we made it back to the cabin it was right at 1 AM.  Now were have to try and get some sleep before getting up in a few hours.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 137 of 365

Hey p!  Yes we really are having a good time.  Last evening didn't go like I had posted to Betsy.  Right after I was done responding to her, I look over and Jim is sound asleep.  He looked so peaceful that I just couldn't wake him.  Think I wore him out!  So we just hung out here.  He finally woke around 11:30 but that was too late to mess with going out to do anything.  We did order room service after and had great stuff. 

Right now it is 6:15 AM and according to our TV we are smack dab in the middle of the gulf LOL.  Our Captain has really been pushing the speed which makes you feel everything.  I think he is doing it so that as we cruise today he can take down the speed so we can all enjoy our day at sea without as much wind.  There should be a full day of activities today.  Every night you get a pamphlet with the next day's activities so you can figure out what you want to do.  I am bringing them all home with me so everyone can browse.  We are already talking about when we could possibly do this again.  It has just been so relaxing.  I can't post all my pics now but I did manage to change my profile pic.  This was taken on cruise elegant night. 

I love and miss you so much!  I hope you have a great time in Florida and that things run as smoothly as possible at the wedding.  Tell that wild and crazy husband of yours not to throw too many wild parties while you are gone, or at least to get the apartment cleaned back up from them before you get home!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 136 of 365

Jim and i both love the shows.  The comedians were really good and the after dinner shows are really good.  The food of course is amazing.  Tonight we had Chateaubriand that was so good.  My appetizer was chilled bing cherry soup and his was lobster bisque.  For dessert I had Grand Marnier Souffle.  Trust me when I say this, ORDER IT!  In fact, order an extra because when you finish your small serving you will want another, even if it is just to share.  So good!

Remember to pick up that plastic hanging shoe organizer I told you about if you haven't.  It has made all the difference for the bottles of stuff laying around.  Also, you might ask your room steward/stewardess to leave the towel animals that they make everyday instead of taking it when they make a new one.  We put ours in our window cover and they are just adorable. 

The serenity deck is one of my faves.  Over 21 only hot tubs and deck chairs.  Good place for star gazing at night.  There are many clubs on the ship for dancing and Karaoke etc.  You are going to have so much fun!  We are already talking about when we can do it again!

We are getting ready to do tonight's activities.  I think we are going to big screen trivia, then their version of a game show called 60 seconds or less, then liar's club.

Also, one of my favorite parts are the little dance numbers and singing that the waiters and waitresses do after they serve you dessert.  Don't get up and leave until they do them as they are a lot of fun.

Really I guess I would have to say I have loved everything.  Tomorrow is the newlywed and Marriage show as well as Karaoke for St. Jude-Applause for a cause.  St Jude is such an amazing place and carnival teamed up with them to help out.

Okay, rambled just about long enough.  Have a great time and if I don't chat with you before the big day, good luck and I'll be envious that you are on the ship and we are back home LOL.

Day 136 of 365

It's 1 PM on Tuesday and we just got back on the boat in Cozumel.  We walked to the shopping areas and picked up a few small things and headed down the street to Margaritaville!  Someone on the street had given us coupons for a free margarita each at Jimmy Buffett's place so we stopped in and had Margaritas and the biggest piece of Key Lime Pie I have seen in my life.  We really enjoyed the view.  The water is just gorgeous and is the bluest water I have ever seen.   They had great big water toys out there that the customers could go play on like trampolines and such.   We did a little more shopping and then headed back to the boat.

This morning we decided to try the Lido deck for breakfast.  We had a wide assortment of items and enjoyed breakfast while our wonderful crew was parking the boat at the dock.  They do such a smooth job of it!

Not sure what our plans are tonight, but I'm sure we will have a good time.  The next time we will get off the boat will be in Galveston on what I assume will be Thursday unless there is more fog.
Love to all!

Day 136 of 365

It's 6 AM on Tuesday morning. I just THOUGHT that the ship was rocking yesterday morning.  It is really doing it today. There are a bunch of white caps out on the water.  We are supposed to arrive in Cozumel around 9,  The sky, although still dark, appears to be cloud covered.  I remember reading before we left that there were possible storms today in Cozumel so that may be what is going on. I am sitting on our bed with the laptop writing this and although I am not doing the moving myself, it feels like when you are singing with a bunch of people swaying side to side.  No music though :(

Day 136 of 365

Had a great time this evening going to the game show mania, then hit the serenity deck with our friend, Sarah.  After much convincing from a cutie, Sarah and I did get in the hot tub for quite awhile.  Jim just stood with us and chatted as he didn't feel like getting in.  By the end of the evening, it was Sarah and myself with 7 college senior boys from Kansas and the original guy from Fredricksburg that reminded me of Shirley's son Christopher.  The crew had to chase us out of the hot tub so they could chlorinate it for tomorrow.  Then Sarah, Jim, JD (the cutie) and I sat on the serenity deck and just visited for an hour or so.  Good times :)

Tomorrow is Cozumel.  Not sure what we are going to do yet, probably just walk around for a bit and then come back to the serenity deck again.  Good music and it's a kid free zone.

It is almost 1:30 AM on Tuesday morning so I think I will sign off and hit the hay!

Hey Emmy Lou!  I didn't see your post at first but just did.  Yes we are having a bunch of fun.  I love you so very much, sweetheart!  I hope you're having a great time with everyone there.  For the most part I am doing very well with the pneumonia thing.  My voice is going in and out but that's because I keep cheering and singing LOL.  You know me, can't resist the good music!  I am not coughing much though Brat Pappy is doing some. 

Love you so so much!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 135 of 365 part 4

Took a nap and Jim woke me at 5:30 so we could start getting ready for supper.  As an appetizer tonight I had two little fried mozzarella squares and a plate of fresh fruit called the fantasy of fruit.  Jim had some navy bean soup that he said was excellent.  For the entree I had sweet and sour shrimp.  They were easily 6 inches long and OMG I think they are the best thing I have had (well tied with the chocolate melting cake which I had for dessert again!)  Luckily for me, right before I took a bite of the fried rice that was with them, I stopped and thought WAIT are there bean sprouts in this?  I called over our waiter Abadi, and asked.  Sure enough it did!  Good thing I asked!  I had him remove it and get me another fork.  Sure didn't want an allergic reaction on the ship.  Jim had Grilled Mahi Mahi that he loved and I tried and even liked it and I hate fish!  For dessert he had coconut cake.  After we were finished eating all the waiters did their dance and song for us and were great.  I love the group that takes care of us!

Tonight we are going to Game Show Mania, Karaoke and then the mega deck party.  They will be doing a Mexican buffet at 11 PM to celebrate us being in Mexico!

Our towel animal tonight is a cute elephant!  We are taking their pictures and then placing the animals in our window.  They keep taking them when they make new ones so tonight I left a note on him tha says "Please leave me in the window and make me a playmate!" 

Okay, off to get into some trouble.  And as our Maitre D' says every night "What happens on the ship, stays on the ship!"

Day 135 of 365 part 3

Hi y'all!
Here it is 3:15 on Monday afternoon.  We had a bit of a rocky seas morning but not too bad. 

Had breakfast in the MDR  this morning and we weren't terribly impressed.  We chose Eggs Benedict, but the sauce was way off.  We each had fruit as well as little hash brown rounds. I also had the chicken sausage you suggested, Dad< and it was pretty good.  We will try ordering something else tomorrow.

After breakfast we went up onto the sports deck to watch for Progreso.  We found it!  From the time we could see it in the horizon until we were fully docked it as about 90 minutes or so.  We watched the pilot boats come in and lead us into port.  Some of the people that were in the pool had a rude awakening when the ship to a quick turn and sloshed out about a foot of the water all of the people in the deck chairs.  Scared the begiggle out of them!  We finally got closer and the ship had to back into it's spot at the pier where our sister ship, The Triumph, was already docked.  We made our way through the shop at the port to get to the free shuttle bus that takes you down the 4 1/2 mile pier to the town of Progreso.  We were in line about half hour or so waiting through the line.  It was hot and our feet hurt but we made it happen.  We took the shuttle down the pier and then took a double decker bus tour of the small city.  Our guide was funny and kept telling people to watch their heads when they would get too close to the power lines hanging down.  We did a little shopping and then made our way back to the ship where we had lunch on the lido deck.  Now were are resting before we head to the Metro for Movie Theme Song Trivia! 

Day 135 of 365 part 2

Morning all! It is currently right at 6 Texas time.   Well the ship is really rocking this morning!  I have my patch on behind my ear and only have a little upset tummy feeling, but am pretty dizzy.  Got up to use the facilities and the water in the bowl was moving quite a bit.  Thought it might splash out LOL  Sure didn't want that!  We should be at the port authority in Progreso in about 3 hours, then docked an hour later.
Will post a little later.

Love hugs and kisses,



Day 135 of 365

Hi Emmy!  I love you so so much and miss you a ton!  We are having a great time.  Tonight Brat Pappy and I got all dressed up and had a fancy shmancy dinner.  We had lobster, shrimp and prime rib. For an appetizer I had chilled strawberry bisque (soup) and it was OH SO GOOD!  Brat Pappy had Beef and Minestrone soup for his appetizer then we both had Cherries Jubilee for dessert.

We went to see three comedy acts that were very funny and also went to the show after dinner called Extreme Country.  We went there with Sarah and her daughter and we all had a lot of fun!  You would have loved the show.  We were laughing and singing.  They did Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Reba and a whole lot more.  Our cruise director plays the fiddle and he is really really good! 

The last comedy show ended at 11:30 then we popped by the midnight buffet for a snack and then headed back to the room. 

Tomorrow we will dock in Progreso, Yucatan. The pier from where the ship docks until you get to the little town is the longest one in the WORLD.  It is around 4 1/2 MILES long.  You have to take a shuttle bus from the ship to the end of the pier!  We are planning on taking a double decker bus tour to see around this small town.  Then maybe get massages on the beach and come back to the ship to relax while most everyone else is in port. 

Hope you have a great time with the relatives!  I love all of you very much!  Brat Pappy sends big hugs!


PS Don't forget to brush your teeth and use your inhaler :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 134 of 365 part 4

We had lunch in the MDR.  Honey had salad, a hamburger with all the fixin's and then some and strawberry banana mousse.  I had chilled avocado soup, a burger (again with all the fixin's) and creme caramel (flan).  It was all wonderful.  Tonight is cruise elegant night which means Lobster and prime rib in the MDR YUMMO! 

We had the DOD on the lido deck earlier and although they were delicious, they were WICKED expensive today so no more drinks today LOL.  Besides with the patch on, that one drink threw me for a loop. 

Only a quick update and now I am going to go hop in the shower so I can start getting cleaned up for the captain celebration in a couple of hours.  Yeah yeah, I know it takes me forever. 

Having a beautiful time and wish you were all here to join us!

Love, hugs and kisses to all!


PS.  Jim is napping AGAIN!  You would think that man works for a living and really needed this vacation!  Oh wait, he does and he did!  Go me for making it happen!

Day 134 of 365 part 3

We were late getting out of the cabin so we missed breakfast in the MDR and instead headed for the panorama area buffet.  Since I wasn't sure how much stomach was going to do, we stuck with fresh melon and thinly sliced cheeses as well as croissants.  I did notice as we walked by the buffet that they had pretty much anything you would want.  I also had my cup filled with ginger ale and I think that helped to settle things.  I can definitely feel the ship rocking some but I heard others saying the same thing.  Of course, we are moving at full speed ahead towards Progreso, Yucatan.  We left 11 hours late, but will only arrive 3 hours late so they are making up some serious time.  The view is beautiful!  It is windy on the lido deck (where the pools and such are) because we are moving so fast.  There are 2 decks higher than that where they have mini golf, a jogging track and the water slide, but those are like g force winds!

We went to the Fun Ashore and Fun Aboard talk and our cruise director is pretty funny.  Looks like a cross between squidward on Spongebob and the talking head things on South Park and sounds like spongebob.  Jim wanted to come back to the cabin and rest his eyes for a bit (code word for nap) so he is doing that.  Our room stewardess, Ida, is such a sweetheart.  Love Love Love her! 

Our assigned table mates were interesting.  An older couple from Irving, Lou and Charlie.  She's a pistol and talks a whole lot.  He is pretty quiet, I assume from years of not being able to get a word in edgewise.  We were also seated with a young couple, Kelsey and Ky, and their friend, Nick.  They all grew up together and still live in the same town in Kansas.  Interestingly enough, Kelsey is currently in PA school.  Ky is a teacher and Nick works for a gas refinery.

We have our itinerary highlighted with things we would like to check out but basically just enjoying our time away.  The captains celebration is at 5 which is dancing, live music and such. 

Our towel animal fo the day was a long eared puppy dog, so cute!

Yesterday's DOD (drink of the day) was the funship and was very good.  Today's is called the Yellow Bird and is served in a monkey head carved coconut.  We will have one of those sometime this afternoon.  They were already pushing them at Breakfast LOL.  Enough for now.  Time to get back to our vacation!
Love and hugs to all!

PS.  Can't believe Kyle is an adult!  I just kept saying it yesterday.  My baby is all grown up!

Day 134 of 365 part 2

Hola from somewhere in the gulf.  It's now 6:22 AM.  I was able to get back to sleep, then woke about 40 minutes ago.  Still feeling some swaying and feel a little ick.  I did put the patch on about 15 minutes ago so hoping that clears it up.  I will also hit one of the pool bars in an hour or so and grab some ginger ale as I am sure that will help.
It's not bothering me enough that I wish I was off the ship so it must not be too bad Wink 
Hey Zach, Jim really should be tapping his nose at us.  OH MY HECK!  Cabin is too small for that :)
P, sure hope you and I get to do this soon.  Would be a lot of fun to get some time for you and me like this.
Love and hugs to all!

More later....

Day 134 of 365

It is currently 3:13 AM on Sunday morning.  I woke about 15 minutes ago to make my trek to our tiny bathroom to find that we had finally left port.  I am not sure exactly what time we left yet, but when I looked out the window I still saw lights so I assume the movement is what woke me.  I am sure they are trying to make up some time since we were supposed to leave port about 11 hours ago.  Now let me say this:

I CAN FEEL THE MOVEMENT, DAD! You said I wouldn't feel anything because of the stabilizers and maybe we are hitting rough waters, I don't know.  What I do know is that I can feel a more than slight rocking back and forth because I can feel myself swaying from side to side.  Will be interesting to find out in a few hours if anyone else felt it or if this is more of me being sensitive because of the Chiari.  I am actually at the point of being dizzy right now.  We had not put on the patches yet, but I think I probably will because I am feeling like I had about 10 cocktails and I didn't.  Not sick, but definitely not like I could walk down the hall and not fall down.

We had a great time with new friends at Karoke.  No I didn't sing on stage because I still sound like a frog from being sick, but I totally did at our little area and I may sound even worse in a few hours because of it.   The show we went to before that was a lot of fun.  The same 5 of us sat together at the show and Karaoke. 

I may learn my way around the ship before all is said and done :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 133 of 365

Well folks, we were supposed to leave here 4 hours ago, but here we sit on the big fun ship still sitting at the pier.  The port of Galveston is still closed due to heavy fog.  I know sooner or later we will get to head out into the gulf, but for now we will just hang out and enjoy our vacation. 

We had lunch on the Lido deck and had some really good nibbles.  Then supper was Cream of Broccoli soup with aged Wisconsin Cheddar, Shrimp Cocktail, Flat Iron Steak with mac and cheese, nichy carrots and some funky pea mixture.  For dessert Chocolate Melting Cake!  Christine, if you are reading this DO NOT MISS THE CHOCOLATE MELTING CAKE OMG GOOD!
About to go to a show and see what kind of mischief we can get into.  I, as usual, am having hot flashes, but Jim is freezing on the deck due to the wind and fog.  What a pair we make!  Love that man!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 132 of 365

Thought I would take a couple of minutes and do a quick post.  We leave this afternoon to start our glorious vacation!  My voice is about halfway back to normal.  I am still coughing some but think it is allergy related.  I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but did as much as I could.  I have no doubt my little angel will be in good hands with her Uncle Bubba, Aunt Sandra and Meema.  I will be writing everyday on vacation, then will cut and paste it into my blog when we get home.  Hope everyone is safe!

The blessing I am counting is the one we are about to embark on.  Thank you, God, for helping to make it happen!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 131 of 365

OH SO TIRED!  Here it is midnight and we are still wide awake packing and such.  Time to hit the hay and try again tomorrow LOL

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Despite being paralyzed with fear and having a panic attack halfway there, I tackled the demon and hopefully overcame it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 129 of 365

Although you don't see yesterday's post, I did make it, just not on here.  I will cut and paste it after we return from our cruise and pre date it so it is in line.  I had a semi productive day and tomorrow will be filled with chaos and preparations for the journey.  Am so very excited for that and trying not to let anything else get in the way or invade my thoughts.  Just prepare and go have a great time.  We went out for chinese tonight for supper and my fortune cookie said "You will get more accomplished later if you have a little fun this weekend".  We sail away on Saturday!  WOO HOO!

The blessing I am counting today is for the snuggie that is about to wrap around me.  They are ugly beyond belief, but they do keep you toasty :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 127 of 365

Long tiring day filled with a lot of thinking. Need to sort out my thoughts alone so will be doing a longer post tomorrow that will most likely be private.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 126 of 365

We have had a semi productive day.  But right now I am very very tired.  Going to sleep and hopefully when I wake up, I will have my voice back.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 125 of 365

Just made it home. Gonna enjoy some down time with my honey.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 124 of 365

Very tired, going to bed early.  Goodnight

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 123 of 365

Well today I am officially over 1/3 of the way through my project of writing every day for a year.  So far, so good!

I guess I am feeling quite a bit better, as Jim and Emmy noted, my personality is coming back.  My voice however is not following suit.  I can talk more than I could, but not a bunch.  My coughing doesn't seem to be improving as much as I would like.  Still using the inhaler and will finish up my cough syrup this evening.  When you have a codeine allergy, it makes getting effective cough syrups near impossible.

9 day until we cruise!  We are both really excited and anxious to get on the boat.  We will be taking the laptop so I will be doing a post everyday, but they will not be uploaded to the Beehive until that Thursday. 

That's it for today.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 122 of 365

Voice is slowly coming back.  I think I did too much today though as I am exhausted now.  That's okay though, I'm getting better and that is what matters.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 121 of 365

Well coughing less, still have a sore throat and a little achy.  I have a very raspy voice and only every other word is coming out.  Yep, I must be on the mend. 

Got a surprise package in the mail from my very awesome friend, Kathy.  She sent me a totally cute bee and bee towel.  She knows how much I love my bees.  It was a wonderful surprise.

Did a lot of prep work on the paperwork for the cruise today so I did at least have a productive day.  Maybe tomorrow I can work on the house some.  It's hard because I get winded so easily.  Thank goodness for that inhaler :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 120 of 365

Was feeling quite a bit better, but right now I am having a tough time catching my breath.  I had just put some laundry in to wash and then it hit me again.  Just used my inhaler so waiting on that to kick in.  All the times I thought I was sick before were NOTHING compared to this.  I can only imagine how people with asthma feel.  Not being able to catch your breath is scary stuff. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 119 of 365

Breathing a bit easier, coughing a lot less and sleeping more.  Guess I'm getting better.  I feel very very weak though, and that is really hard.  I am still having a lot of swelling so hoping maybe the lasix will kick in good tomorrow.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 118 of 365

Still sick, no voice, feel like crap, enough said

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 117 of 365

After a visit to the doctor and the pharmacy, I came home with an enormous amount of meds and pneumonia.  No wonder I've been feeling like crap.  My potassium was also very very low so now I am taking 6 of those horse pills a day for a few days to try and get my potassium level up.  After I took my first dose of meds I did manage to catch a couple hours of sleep.  I just took another dose so with any luck I will be snoozing again soon.

The blessing I am counting today is the one of medications...they do a body good.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 116 of 365

I got a tiny bit more sleep last night so that was helpful.  I feel a little better than yesterday but no where near 100%.  Hoping by the weekend I am feeling much better.

Today I am counting the blessing of my honey's t-shirt that he wore for me yesterday evening then let me put it on my pillow as a case so I could snuggle with it while I tried to sleep.  I really hate not being able to sleep in bed :(

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 115 of 365

Still feeling like holy heck = (   Just trying to stay positive and remember that this too shall pass.  Had a mixup with my dress so had to reorder another and will return this one.  Nothing can go totally smooth.  Looking forward to this vacation and some much needed down time when I am not sick LOL

Got word from Daddy that after we get back he is planning to come for a visit.  This makes me so happy!  I miss my Daddy something fierce and I look forward to Jim meeting him for the first time.

The blessing I will count today is the one that reminds me that sooner or later I will be able to sleep again.