Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 135 of 365 part 3

Hi y'all!
Here it is 3:15 on Monday afternoon.  We had a bit of a rocky seas morning but not too bad. 

Had breakfast in the MDR  this morning and we weren't terribly impressed.  We chose Eggs Benedict, but the sauce was way off.  We each had fruit as well as little hash brown rounds. I also had the chicken sausage you suggested, Dad< and it was pretty good.  We will try ordering something else tomorrow.

After breakfast we went up onto the sports deck to watch for Progreso.  We found it!  From the time we could see it in the horizon until we were fully docked it as about 90 minutes or so.  We watched the pilot boats come in and lead us into port.  Some of the people that were in the pool had a rude awakening when the ship to a quick turn and sloshed out about a foot of the water all of the people in the deck chairs.  Scared the begiggle out of them!  We finally got closer and the ship had to back into it's spot at the pier where our sister ship, The Triumph, was already docked.  We made our way through the shop at the port to get to the free shuttle bus that takes you down the 4 1/2 mile pier to the town of Progreso.  We were in line about half hour or so waiting through the line.  It was hot and our feet hurt but we made it happen.  We took the shuttle down the pier and then took a double decker bus tour of the small city.  Our guide was funny and kept telling people to watch their heads when they would get too close to the power lines hanging down.  We did a little shopping and then made our way back to the ship where we had lunch on the lido deck.  Now were are resting before we head to the Metro for Movie Theme Song Trivia! 

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