Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 134 of 365 part 3

We were late getting out of the cabin so we missed breakfast in the MDR and instead headed for the panorama area buffet.  Since I wasn't sure how much stomach was going to do, we stuck with fresh melon and thinly sliced cheeses as well as croissants.  I did notice as we walked by the buffet that they had pretty much anything you would want.  I also had my cup filled with ginger ale and I think that helped to settle things.  I can definitely feel the ship rocking some but I heard others saying the same thing.  Of course, we are moving at full speed ahead towards Progreso, Yucatan.  We left 11 hours late, but will only arrive 3 hours late so they are making up some serious time.  The view is beautiful!  It is windy on the lido deck (where the pools and such are) because we are moving so fast.  There are 2 decks higher than that where they have mini golf, a jogging track and the water slide, but those are like g force winds!

We went to the Fun Ashore and Fun Aboard talk and our cruise director is pretty funny.  Looks like a cross between squidward on Spongebob and the talking head things on South Park and sounds like spongebob.  Jim wanted to come back to the cabin and rest his eyes for a bit (code word for nap) so he is doing that.  Our room stewardess, Ida, is such a sweetheart.  Love Love Love her! 

Our assigned table mates were interesting.  An older couple from Irving, Lou and Charlie.  She's a pistol and talks a whole lot.  He is pretty quiet, I assume from years of not being able to get a word in edgewise.  We were also seated with a young couple, Kelsey and Ky, and their friend, Nick.  They all grew up together and still live in the same town in Kansas.  Interestingly enough, Kelsey is currently in PA school.  Ky is a teacher and Nick works for a gas refinery.

We have our itinerary highlighted with things we would like to check out but basically just enjoying our time away.  The captains celebration is at 5 which is dancing, live music and such. 

Our towel animal fo the day was a long eared puppy dog, so cute!

Yesterday's DOD (drink of the day) was the funship and was very good.  Today's is called the Yellow Bird and is served in a monkey head carved coconut.  We will have one of those sometime this afternoon.  They were already pushing them at Breakfast LOL.  Enough for now.  Time to get back to our vacation!
Love and hugs to all!

PS.  Can't believe Kyle is an adult!  I just kept saying it yesterday.  My baby is all grown up!

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