Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 134 of 365

It is currently 3:13 AM on Sunday morning.  I woke about 15 minutes ago to make my trek to our tiny bathroom to find that we had finally left port.  I am not sure exactly what time we left yet, but when I looked out the window I still saw lights so I assume the movement is what woke me.  I am sure they are trying to make up some time since we were supposed to leave port about 11 hours ago.  Now let me say this:

I CAN FEEL THE MOVEMENT, DAD! You said I wouldn't feel anything because of the stabilizers and maybe we are hitting rough waters, I don't know.  What I do know is that I can feel a more than slight rocking back and forth because I can feel myself swaying from side to side.  Will be interesting to find out in a few hours if anyone else felt it or if this is more of me being sensitive because of the Chiari.  I am actually at the point of being dizzy right now.  We had not put on the patches yet, but I think I probably will because I am feeling like I had about 10 cocktails and I didn't.  Not sick, but definitely not like I could walk down the hall and not fall down.

We had a great time with new friends at Karoke.  No I didn't sing on stage because I still sound like a frog from being sick, but I totally did at our little area and I may sound even worse in a few hours because of it.   The show we went to before that was a lot of fun.  The same 5 of us sat together at the show and Karaoke. 

I may learn my way around the ship before all is said and done :)

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