Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 134 of 365 part 4

We had lunch in the MDR.  Honey had salad, a hamburger with all the fixin's and then some and strawberry banana mousse.  I had chilled avocado soup, a burger (again with all the fixin's) and creme caramel (flan).  It was all wonderful.  Tonight is cruise elegant night which means Lobster and prime rib in the MDR YUMMO! 

We had the DOD on the lido deck earlier and although they were delicious, they were WICKED expensive today so no more drinks today LOL.  Besides with the patch on, that one drink threw me for a loop. 

Only a quick update and now I am going to go hop in the shower so I can start getting cleaned up for the captain celebration in a couple of hours.  Yeah yeah, I know it takes me forever. 

Having a beautiful time and wish you were all here to join us!

Love, hugs and kisses to all!


PS.  Jim is napping AGAIN!  You would think that man works for a living and really needed this vacation!  Oh wait, he does and he did!  Go me for making it happen!

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