Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zachman!!!...AKA Day 72 of 365

Seventeen years ago today, my life was greatly enriched when a 8 lb 14.8 oz bouncing bundle of joy popped out of me like toast. I can hardly believe that my youngest son, Zachary, has grown so tall, to the point that I have to look up to him! You are an amazing young man, Zach. I still thank God for you everyday and ask that He protect and lead you in all the decisions you are making. I miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you again! And on a completely unrelated note: When I woke this morning, I discovered that sometime during the night, my cyst had finally ruptured. Thank you, God! I also woke to a seriously strong storm that had just knocked the power out. We were under tornado watch, severe thunderstorm warning and flash flood watch. I am thankful for the rain, and even the storms, so long as we can all stay home during them as they still give me the heebie jeebies when we have to be out in them. Got a few errands run today and did a wee bit of packing. I am thankful for everyday that I can see at least some progress towards our goal of completing the move and me still having hair :)


  1. What a post! Belated happy birthday (and happy mama!) wishes, and hurrahs for the ruptured cyst!

    1. Thanks, hon. Believe me I was hurraying when I realized it was gone. They are such a nuisance, especially when they should have been dealt with almost 5 years ago. So frustrating :(