Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meatloaf...AKA Day 76 of 365

Everyone knows that the best part of having meatloaf for a meal doesn't occur during the meal at all. It happens much later when said meatloaf is calling your name from the fridge saying "SANDWICH NOW". So, being the ever obedient person I am, I had to oblige. But, unlike any other meatloaf sandwich I have had before, I put a Green's twist on it. We had stopped at Green's Sausage House for breakfast and to pick up some supplies yesterday morning after hitting our Bountiful Baskets location for some nummy fresh goodness. While there I picked up assorted things, but my best find was this OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD sun dried tomato and herb bread. Oh yeah, that meatloaf went between two pieces of hand sliced heaven with some deli sliced cheddar cheese. I may have to tap out my keyboard for the crumbs. Oh yeah, it's that good!

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