Sunday, January 22, 2012

cysts suck...AKA Day 69 of 365

Still have my cyst and nearly everything is uncomfortable at a minimum. Dear God, please please please let it rupture tonight. I have too many things to get done to have to deal with this right now. We made the drive to Valera today to pick up our Emmy girl. Glad to have her home again. Hoping to carve out some time to write tomorrow. Have a LOT of things spinning round in my head and need to get them down.


  1. Just wanted to say *hug* & that I am sending my prayers!

    1. Thanks, hon. It's just one of those timing issues. Since we are moving in a little less than a month, I have too much to do and it is so frustrating having to deal with this issue that should have been resolved four years ago. :(