Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lots of goodies...AKA Day 61 of 365

Woke up dark and early this morning to head to Temple with Emmy Lou and Ms Susie, our next door neighbor. We were on a mission to tackle Bountiful Baskets again. We came away with quite a haul. Between the huge amount of produce that we acquired and the food in the freezer, we should not have to buy much more than bread and milk until we the big move day. Oh and cold liquid caffeine. Let's not forget that, otherwise the previously mentioned move will NOT occur. Must have fizzy caffeine...often! I have decided though, that once we are moved and unpacked, I am going to try very hard to cut back and then cut out caffeine. After doing some reading about it this week, turns out caffeine is not so great for my chiari. So if I can at least reduce the amount of caffeine I consume, I am sure it will benefit me. I can't believe it is barely after 8. I am just so stinking tired. Tomorrow I am going to tackle my bedroom and see if I can get it into "pre packing" shape. I am determined that we are going to try and freecycle at least 1/4 of our belongings instead of trying to take it all with us. Am feeling the need to purge more of the old and embrace the excitement that comes with living in a new place :)

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