Monday, January 16, 2012

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are signs....AKA Day 63 of 365

I am a big believer in "signs" and I have passed that on to my beautiful daughter, Emily. I believe that when things are meant to be a certain way, there will be little signs from heaven that you are headed down the right path. Since we got word that Jim was being hired in Lake Whitney, there have been a few things that just made me go WOW! First off, I called the middle school to see if someone there knew of any houses for rent in the area. The secretary was super sweet and told me she would make some calls and call me back. Ten minutes later she called to tell me that there was a house across the street from the principal that was for rent. I called the lady and made arrangements to see the house today. In the meanwhile, I looked up the secretary on Facebook, which lead me to the principal. At the top of the page I noticed we had a mutual friend listed-one of the women Jim used to work with at the prison! Odd coincidence, sure! So today we go to Lake Whitney to sign the contract, look around the town and look at the house. We walked in the clinic and this was one of the first things we saw:
Anyone notice the crane in the picture above? Then we went to the nurses station where I looked down at the phone and pointed out to my angel girl that the name on the phone was "Emily"! Sign #2! We sat down in the waiting area and Emily and I discussed what our next sign should be. We said it should be either bees (my fave), butterflies (her fave) or hummingbirds (my grandma's fave). As we were driving up to the house, this is what we saw on the front:
Notice those two huge butterflies on the front of the house? My grandma also had a butterfly similar to that on the front of her house. Then as we walked around the house and looked at all the trees, and I mean there were a TON of them, I looked up and saw this:
This one isn't as easy to see, but there are two lady bugs on one of the trees. For some reason, everytime I see lady bugs, I think of Jim's daughters. So although this time will be stressful, I am more convinced now than ever that we are making the right decision and are being guided there for a purpose.

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