Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 161 of 365

Today was our second Walgreen's couponing run. Here is our haul:

The total for everything before coupons, sale prices and register rewards would have been $161.57.  Because of sales and coupons, we saved $79.90, spending $81.67 out of pocket.  To break it down, it was like we paid full price for this:

4 plain t shirts, 2 boxes hair color, 2 bottle laundry soap, 2 lysol toilet bowl cleaner, 2 cans almonds and 4 packs razors.

And got this for FREE:

6 packs easter grass, 6 packs plastic eggs, 6 bags jelly beans, 2 chocolate bunnies, 5 boxes jello, 16 pencils, 2 packs pantiliners, 8 big bags Easter Chocolate candy and 6 butterfinger eggs.

We saved $27 in coupons at HEB today and another $3 at Walmart where we finished out the Easter basket stuff that wasn't listed above.  Our grand total coupon savings today amounted to $63 which we will add to our vacation fund :)


  1. Wow, the kids are going to be happy when they see all the Easter goodies you got. Great savings job p!