Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 154 of 365

Today has been most productive!  We crawled out of bed a little after 8 after some snuggle time ;).  Then we all had a bowl of cereal and hit the ground running.  Jim has been working out in the yard cleaning out flower beds and edging.  Emily straightened up her room (which thank goodness she has been keeping pretty neat on her own) and helped to straighten up the living room and bathroom.  I emptied the dishwasher, filled it again, ran the washer, organized and put away our new purchases from yesterday as well as a small stockpile we already had so we can see what we have in there.  I also cut and filed my new coupons, entered all my mycokerewards codes and am about to get started doing all the surveys on my Walgreens receipts for last night.  Not bad for only having been up and at it for a couple of hours.  After I do the receipts I will reboot the laundry and fold and put away what is done.

Today is opening day of the little league field that is literally a stone's throw from our back yard so we have all been taking peeks out at the goings on.  Emily's girlfriend, Audrey, is playing LL so she went to watch her. 

A little later we will take a movie break and then at 3, Emily's girlfriend, Shyanne, is coming to stay the night.  Should make for an eventful evening :)

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