Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 151 of 365

I really really abhor waking up in a rush.  It's pretty much my biggest pet peeve as the rest of the day always feels off.  Well that is the kind of day that has started in our home.  I woke at 5:11 to visit the little girl's room then climbed back in bed, knowing my cell alarm would be going off in about 45 minutes.  Two hours later I sat straight up in bed to see the clock read 7:14.  GRRRRR.  I HATE my phone.  Okay I don't hate it, but I hate the fact that this is my 4th one of these because they keep replacing it for shutting off at random times.  Next month I will be able to upgrade it, but I guess until then I will have to start using a regular alarm clock as a back up.  The upside of this is knowing that I can get Jim and Emily work and school ready in a matter of 15 minutes including dressed, groomed, fed, tested and out the door.  Thanks for taking our angel girl to school on your way to work.  I love you!

Now to try and make my internal motor slow back down and try to smooth out the rest of the day :)

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