Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 152 of 365

I used to use coupons when I was way younger, then somehow I got out of the habit...until now!  Tomorrow I am planning to make my debut as a Walgreens RR and coupon shopper.  Have my list planned out and organized for 10 different transactions to maximize our savings.  We are planning on putting the difference of what we paid from what the total would been regular price into a special account for vacations :)  I hope I get the hang of this quick.  I can feel the "gentle" rocking of the ship calling my name again already.  Will post a pick in the next couple of days showing how my Walgreens hall goes!


  1. I had been getting the coupons from my parents for a while, but I wasn't really using them. Then I started using them and it makes a lot of difference. I typically use only coupons for things I buy all the time, or purchase something I would like to but normally wouldn't because it's generally an expense I am not willing to pay. Unless it's going to be free or close to free, I probably wouldn't buy things not typically on my list, but that's due to we have no space for extra stuff. You did great!