Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 153 of 365

Walgreen's coupon trip #1

After I had a hot dinner date with my honey and a cute little blonde, we hit Walgreen's for our first coupon trip. In 10 separate transactions we acquired all of this:
Which amounted to:
7 tubes of toothpaste
3 toothbrushes
4 men's body wash
2 women's body wash
5 men's deodorant
2 packages of women's razors (6 total)
1 men's razor (with free body wash and shave gel included)
1 can shaving gel
1 bottle mouth rinse
1 dawn dishwashing liquid
2 Rimmel Eyeliner
3 cans olives
2 packages gum
1 box envelopes
4 bars of soap

The total amount of this would have been $158.14 but was on sale for $131.79.  After using coupons and Register Rewards, the total out of pocket expense was $74.54 with a total savings of $83.60.

Now that amount sounds like a lot, and it is until you look at it like this. Everything in the picture below are all things that we would have paid full price for and used without a coupon for about $70 plus tax:

So if we were buying all of the things above and paid full price (no coupons) for it.  Then we got all of the items in the picture below TOTALLY FREE.  That's right FREE!

On top of that, I still have $5 in Register Rewards to get the ball rolling next week!


  1. Thanks, p! Everything we bought we will use. Maybe they aren't our first choice in brand on some things but we will still use them. And if it's something that we try and aren't crazy about, we will finish that one and then donate any extras we have :)