Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nom Nom Nom Nom Veggies...AKA Day 19 of 365

Drove the 30 miles to Temple this morning to pick up our first order with It was raining for about half the drive, light at first then not so light. I was scared I would be picking up in the drenching rain. God was watching out for me as by the time I got there it had eased up. I arrived early to help with the basket filling. It was a good time with some nice people. I ordered two baskets thinking they would be small since this was only the second time for this site and they only had 18 basket orders. This was our haul:

2 bountiful baskets: 10 bananas, 3 honeydew melons, 2 cabbage, 12 Fuji apples, 6 bell pepper, 6 zucs, 8 avocados, 13 kiwi, 10 Fairchild tangerines and 16 roma tomatoes. $30 at bountiful baskets...had we bought at HEB $55!

I would highly encourage anyone that lives in an area that bountiful baskets serves to consider contributing. You are getting fresh produce that hasn't been sitting around in your supermarket being squeezed by everyone who walks by at very reasonable prices.

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