Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Husband...AKA Day 30 of 365

My "husband" and I on our first cruise, his birthday present!

Kandy and her wonderful husband, Chris at Jim's party!

Another word was passed on to me last night on Facebook. It fittingly came from my "sister wife" Kandy. The word to inspire tonight's post is "husband". You see, Kandy and I share Jim. Not in the naughty sense, so y'all get your minds out of the gutter. Kandy has a wonderful husband, Chris. You see, Jim is Kandy's office husband, making her his office wife. He enjoys working with her and they have a great rapport. We emailed back and forth for a very long time before we ever met. When I need him to know something at work, I can email her and ask her to tell him, just in case he doesn't have time to check his email. We met for the first time in February, at Jim's 60th Birthday Party. She and I shared the secret of my gift to him, a 5 day western Caribbean cruise! I told her to make sure I could arrange for him to have the days off, prior to booking it. I really enjoy the emails back and forth with her and am thankful for her in a huge way.

An interesting little tidbit...As Emily and I were sitting in the car this afternoon waiting on Jim to come out of the prison, we were talking about Kandy. After sorting it out, she finally announced that since Kandy is Jim's office wife, and my "sister wife" then she must also be her "office mom". I found this so cute!

Another interesting tidbit, one that we have been trying to resolve for over 3 years now. Jim is not my husband, yet. We have referred to each other as husband and wife for a long time, but it isn't official yet. There is but one roadblock standing in the way. Ironically, that roadblock also involves him being a husband. It all happens when it is supposed to, I suppose.

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