Sunday, December 11, 2011

Emmy's 12th birthday sleepover...AKA Day 27 of 365

Well we finally made it back home from San Angelo. Had to take Miss Lizzy home after she came for Emily's birthday sleepover this weekend. We sure enjoyed having her here and Emily had a lot of fun having all the girls here. The 8+ hour drive after barely getting any sleep for two days is rough. Jim drove the whole time though so I know he is really really tired. We may be eating Chinese leftovers for awhile because I ordered way too much food. Good thing it will freeze well. Only one of the girls had any of the plain white rice that comes with it so we have 7 pints of rice. We froze them still in their packages inside a big Ziploc bag and I will take them out one at a time to make rice pudding :) I also still have half a blizzard There are still a ton of balloons hanging from the ceiling and I think I may leave them up as they look a little festive. Maybe it will help me get/stay in the spirit. Here are some pics from the occasion:

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