Saturday, December 10, 2011

Counting blessings...AKA Day 26 of 365

Before I lay my head down tonight:

Dear God,
Thank you for giving the ability to rear children that know how to be polite to one another as well as to adults, family or otherwise. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure or raising children that, although they may not like everything, will at least try all types of foods with an open mind and palate. Thank you for gracing them with social skills and the ability to know how to behave in public. Every time I am exposed to children who do not possess the above skills, please remind me to be patient with them and to guide them in a way that will prove to be both kind and encouraging. Remind me when needed that it was with your guidance that I was able to lead our children in developing the skills they need to be extraordinary young people who will flourish in the "real world".

In His name and with His love and guidance.

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