Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deb chose Goodness...AKA Day 29 of 365

As I sat at my computer tonight to do my post, I had complete and total blockage of my creative mind. I could think of not one word to write about. Not a single word. Finally I posted on Facebook, asking for one of my friends to give me just one word. Almost instantly, my beloved friend, Deb, posted this:

‎"Goodness," courtesy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :)

I adore Deb :) Her amazing way with words were but the first thing that drew us together as friends somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 years ago. We had a common thread in our mothers that showed that there can be good things that come from a diagnosis of Paranoid-Schizophrenia. Deb has since lost her mother, I still have mine, but rarely get to see her as she is over an 8 hour drive away.

I find it fitting that Deb chose "goodness". She oozes the definition out of every pore. She is kind, loving, funny, spirited and caring just to choose a very few adjectives. I laugh at least once a day over something she has posted, and seeing as how laughter has been touted as the best medicine, I would say her fingertips also ooze goodness.

I admire her courage. I see her as fearless, although in reality, everyone has fear. When I picture Deb, I see her wearing a super hero cape. I know that sounds silly, but Deb knows that in order to make all your dreams come true, you simply must soak up all the goodness that comes your way and realize that your dreams will always come true when you are flexible with them.

Someday I will experience her goodness in person. That day will be filled with big squeezy hugs and some sort of fruity libation that we shall use to toast to a friendship that has become very dear to me.

Cheers to you and your goodness, Deb!

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  1. I so, so wish I weren't suddenly hit with food poisoning, because there is so much I'd love to say if not distracted. But my heart is full of love, and you can bet I'm looking forward to that day, too. So much. <3