Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 198 of 365

Today's post will be about my Walmart and Walgreen's haul of the week.

Total price prior to any sale prices or coupons would have been $104.61.  After sales and coupons, we paid  $34.25 out of pocket and walked away with $19.50 in Register rewards.

That means we paid full price for this:

and got everything else in the picture for free.  This amounted to  getting the following free (sorry forgot to take a pic so I will just list it):
6 big bottles suave lotion
3 bottles tone body wash
4 packages hair elastics
2 cans women's shaving cream
2 20 ounce sodas
1 package carefree
2 boxes wylers drink pouches
1 bag trail mix
1 bag poppycock
and a calculator!

Then there was Walmart!  I had some good coupons so I managed to not only get all of the following TOTALLY FREE, but they essentially gave me $6.90 to take it all home.  I used the extra $6.90 to buy the sides and dessert for supper for this evening.


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