Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 176 of 365

We made another Walgreen's run on our way to pick up the Emster earlier today.  Here was our complete haul:

 The total price before coupons and advertised savings would have been $242.61.  After sales and coupons we paid only $61.55 out of pocket and walked away with $20 in register rewards for next time.

It amounts to us paying full price for these 5 items (Proglide razor kits):

And getting these 51 items for free:
3 packs women's razors, 2 packs men's razors, 3 pantene shampoo, 3 pantene conditioner, 4 bottles men's body wash, 4 deodorant, allergy medicine, 2 cans nuts, 2 jars queso, 4 bags hershey's pieces, 3 bags flossers, a 4 pack of scissors, 1 tide to go pen, 1 travel beano (one guess which male member of our house this is for), 3 cans lysol, 2 cans Arizona tea, 1 bottle water, 1 nail clipper, 8 candy bars, mixing spoons and 1 greeting card!

Our coupon total was $120.71 and we will add that to our vacation fund!

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  1. Hootie hoo! I hope I get to make a coupon run tomorrow!