Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 191 of 365

Today has been a busy busy day.  Got a ton of things done before I left the house this morning, then had to hit the tire store.  We had a flat over the weekend on a tire we purchased not so long ago.  They replaced that one at their expense and we needed 2 more new ones.  Got that taken care of, then headed to the Nissan dealer for an oil change.  Then came the good stuff!

Walgreen's run this week.  This is our haul:

Total price before on sale and coupons would have been $64.95.  After sales and coupons I paid $8.67 out of pockets and walked away with $15 in Register Rewards for next time!

It was like paying full price for these 2 items:

and getting these 18 for FREE:

2 bottles All laundry detergent, 8 bottles men's body wash, 2 deodorant, 2 boxes tissues and 4 packs of chocolate covered kettle corn (had coupons for everything except the popcorn which I just picked up for filler at .33 a bag.)

Then I went to CVS.  here was my total haul:

Total price before coupons and sales would have been $48.10.  After coupons and sale prices, I paid $13.34 out of pocket and got a coupon for a free coke product on my next visit.

It amounted to paying full price for these 4 items:

and getting these 8 items FREE:

3 Wisk detergent, 3 bottles coke zero and 3 candy bars.  Had coupons for everything from CVS.


Got back home and walked in the door to smell yummy rosemary garlic pork loin almost ready for supper tonight.  YUMMO!  Now to put away my haul, but uhm, after I play spades with my daddy :)

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