Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 184 of 365

WHAT A DAY!  The alarm clock went off what felt like minutes, though was really 4 1/2 hours, after we crawled in bed.  I didn't want to get up at all.  Managed to crawl out of bed, get Emmy in the shower, make her lunch and Jim's lunch and got her out the door.  Then I took him to work, came home and called the Nissan Dealer to try and get Smokey Joe in for AC service since it wasn't working.  They told me I could come in 2 hours later so I put my face on, got my stuff together, made a couple of calls and got out the door.  3 hours and almost $1000 later I left the dealership with less money in our cruise fund but a cold car.  Since we spend so much time in our car, a working AC was not an option but a necessity.  I filled the car up (Sorry Kyle, had to sign away my first born to pay for filling the tank *sigh*) and picked up a few things then headed back to Marlin.  Came home and spent a little time with Emmy Lou then picked up honey from work.  Luckily supper was leftovers from the BBQ I cooked on Saturday, then I snuggled up on the couch with my honey.  Shortly after I hit publish post, I will be crawling into bed and hopefully sleeping very shortly thereafter.  Goodnight all :)

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  1. Sounds like my kind of day! Hope you get some rest.