Monday, November 14, 2011

Starting over-Day 1 of 365

Well as of my last post, I had 11 days left to go on my "blog every day for a year" goal. Like many things over the years, I just stopped short. Not sure how to explain why. I could have gone back after a few days and written many posts in one day to try and catch up, but I didn't feel like that would be the thing to do. I could blame it on getting busy, or a million other things, but I am not looking to make excuses. Simply put, it was self sabotage. I could explain that more, but that would mean going back 13 years and explaining more that, quite frankly, I have been trying to put behind me for way too long. So here I am again, starting over. Sometimes I need a little inspiration about what to write. There will be times, without a doubt, that I will only write one line just to get a post down, but I will try to make those few and far between. Today I am dealing with a gorgeous child with a nasty head cold who asked me to make her homemade soup (I know she is sick because she HATES soup but knows it is good for her) so I am going to work on that for right now. I may or may not come back to this post today and add more, but if I don't, I will refuse to feel guilty about it. Instead I will hold my child while she says I don't feel good Mommy, and stroke her hair. Here's hoping it is a quick recovery :)

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