Monday, November 28, 2011

Colorful me....AKA Day 15 of 365

Contemplating my next tattoo. Have several designs rattling around in my brain, all tribute pieces to some very important people in my life. Just trying to decide on the basic design of each and then planning them out. Some of the ideas, without commenting as to what each one represents at this time: a set of balance scales (tipped slightly in my favor), hummingbirds, pink roses, a silver awareness ribbon with handwriting sample, an apple tree with an apple on the ground and a serpent crawling through the tree (double meaning LOL). This post was more about getting the ideas down so I don't forget them and can think a little more on each one and their individual meanings.


  1. Maybe you could combine all of them in some way.

  2. Yeah like Newton in Angels and Demons... have the tree be the biggest part and all the other little aspects hovering all around it.

  3. Although that is a great idea, I couldn't do it centered around the tree. In order to get all the detail in, the tree would have to be across my entire back and I am not sure that I am ready to commit to something so large.