Friday, February 3, 2012

Light show...AKA Day 81 of 365

So today didn't go as planned. My intentions were to do a very personal post on PTSD, written during daytime hours so that I had time to "recover emotionally" prior to going to bed. I could make up all kinds of excuses or list many reasons why it didn't get done today, but the fact of the matter is I didn't make the time to do it because I had no desire to go there today. I will be posting on it soon, but no promises as to when. All I can say is that it is one of those topics that just smacks you in the fact one day and says "hey, dummy, there is a reason why you can't let go of something". All that being said, I am going to go snuggle up with my baby in our bed and listen to the sound of the rain hitting the roof and watch the light show that God is providing. Thanks to Him for us being home this evening to enjoy it, rather than being on the road. Everything happens for a reason...

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