Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dr Oz grabs Rosie's tush...AKA Day 80 of 365

I could fib and say I was flipping channels earlier today and ran across Dr Oz, but the truth of the matter is, yes, I watch Dr Oz. Sometimes he has some good tips, ones that we have implemented in our lives. Today's show had Rosie O'Donnell on it and she was being very candid about her personal life, her childhood and a subject that for many women is the most personal of subjects, her weight. She often catches a lot of flack, but one of the things I admire about her, is her ability to tell it like it is, no matter who she is talking with. I kinda like that in a person. Some of the things she had to say really hit home. She wasn't making excuses, just explanations. It reminded me of a conversation that I had with Jim several months ago, explaining certain things. We all have our defense mechanisms. The key is to find a way to deal with the things that trigger the not so positive ones. Rosie is working to better her health and is aware that is going to involve many changes, but is doing it slow and steady. Still it is her personal journey. It's a shame that others can't understand how things came to be a certain way and instead of being insulting and nasty in their comments and attitudes, either being encouraging, or better yet, keeping their noses out of other peoples personal lives if it doesn't involve them directly. As a note to myself here, I think tomorrow's topic will be written about during the day and will involve the subject PTSD. Chosen based on a link I provided for my friend, Deb, earlier today. Goodnight all!

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