Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday boy...AKA Day 90 of 365

Woke up feeling considerably better after getting 3 hours of sleep in a row that was preceded by a few 30 minute cat naps. Got up, got a few things done. Before you know it though, the cough was back. NO fever today though so that has to be a positive step. The house needs airing out but it has just been too cold for that. Tuesday is supposed to be very nice so I am looking for that day being a house breathing day. In the meanwhile I guess it is just keep the Lysol going to try and keep from spreading the germs any farther. Today was my wonderful sweetheart's birthday! Last year we had a very enjoyable party to celebrate and I had a nice surprise for him. So glad I didn't plan that this year since we were all sick. We had a relaxing (for the most part) weekend at home. Made him his favorite dinner and some birthday cupcakes. Will send a good deal of them with him tomorrow for his co-workers. Have a million things to do tomorrow so going to hit the hay early. Have a wonderful night friends and family. Love y'all!

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