Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 311 of 365

Today's post is about compression socks. For quite some time now I have been dealing with swollen feet. It seems to be mostly heat related, but who knows. I had blood work done and everything seems to be fine. I have been taking water pills and HUGE potassium pills and it helps some but there are some days my feet still look like they belong to an elephant. A short time ago I purchased some compression socks that are used for people with circulatory issues. Now first let me say that I am NOT a sock person. I would much rather be barefoot than in socks or shoes. However, these are really quite comfortable ONCE YOU GET THEM ON! The first few times I wore them, I had to have Jim help me get them on. Oh My Heck! It looked pretty funny, I am sure. Now I can put them on all by myself like a big girl :) If you have any circulation issues at all that are leaving you with swelling, I would highly recommend getting some of these. You don't have to spend a fortune on them either. Some go as high as $100 a pair, but I got these at Walmart in the men's department. This is what the package looks like:

I think they were about $7!


  1. I often am forced to wear compression stockings due to the same problem... and like you, I am on the 'water pills' and the HORSE pill chasers... Goodness I hate Potassium!! I HAVE found, however, that I'm not near as likely to choke on them (which I have done MANY times lately) if I take it with a juice instead of with water.

    I can't wear those kinds of compression socks though....they are not nearly 'strong' enough for my issues. I essentially have venous insufficiency due to sitting at my compter for hours on end... now that I'm up and moving around a bit more, it is a bit better. But trust me, I've even had to be hospitalized for the issues caused by the swelling... and it's the pits! So, Cuz... you have my sympathy! I know your struggles... I wish I could only wear mild compression socks... and have success. The ones with more compression are much more expensive! :(

  2. My potassium seems to be naturally low so I have to take a significant amount of potassium and like you, call them horse pills. If it is too bad, you can always use a pill cutter and cut those bad boys in half.

    The mild compression ones seem to be helping but not doing it all right now. I may have to move up if these were to stop doing the trick. They do feel really good on, though :)