Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 309 of 365

I had planned on doing a big emotional post for my 9/11 post, but after a day of sheer exhaustion from crying so much. It just wasn't in me. Started before we ever got out of bed. My empathy level for the victims, their families and our nation was through the roof and it was not something that I dealt with very well. We went to Sister's for our usual Sunday morning-mid morning, okay almost afternoon meal. They have a TV going all the time with news on it and of course it was all about that fateful day. I ended up crying there more than once. I did survive the day. My brother and I were video chatting later that day and he had my SIL both said that my eyes looked like his, raccoon eyes. They weren't dark, just shadowed, but oh my gosh they were puffy from all the tears.

All that rambling being done, I guess this post is simply about my heart going out to the entire nation for the loss we all suffered on that fateful day ten years ago.

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