Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 310 of 365

My beautiful daughter, Emmy, had said to me not so long ago that she wished she wasn't such an emotional person because she thinks it makes people not take her seriously. I had to explain to her that although I understood what she meant, her being emotional is what makes her, her! She is a loving, wonderful young lady that has a caring level that goes beyond sympathy into empathy, just like her mom. It is hard sometimes to feel what other people around me feel. I don't mean I have to strain to do it. I mean sometimes you get to the point that you feel like if you have to feel so deeply what everyone else is feeling for even another minute, you may just explode. I often was that way, but not always. After each of the kid's births, I suffered with PPD. Luckily when I had Emily, I had the most amazing OB/GYN in the world who walked into the room for my six week checkup, took one look at me and saw it instantly. Told me I wasn't the bubbly person he knew. He put me on medication to help me deal with it and for eight months I remained on it. The problem was that it made me just medium all the time. I didn't get the lows anymore, but I also didn't get the highs. Trust me when I say that having NO emotions is far worse than having sad emotions.

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