Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 308 of 365

Today was a beautiful day! It wasn't too hot, it wasn't too cold. The temperature gauge still topped out in the mid 90's but after all the super high temps before, and with the breeze it felt nice. We had fun with the girls. After we woke up this morning, they decided they wanted to go see Zookeeper. We got everyone ready and headed out the door. After the movie we did a little shopping at Big Lots, then the mall where we visited my ring and got hot pretzels. After stops at Claire's and Bath & Body Works, we headed back home. Emily's friend, Shelby, headed home a little after and I made homemade pizza for supper. Sometime shortly after I must have fallen asleep because I woke up about 20 minutes ago. Now after a short post, I will be headed to bed.

Tomorrow's post will be a difficult one to make as it is the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that occurred on 9/11/01. Suppose I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

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