Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 87 of 365

Freezing cold temperatures and very high winds caused the schools here to be closed today.  For the most part this was a good thing as I got to spend the day with my sweet angel girl!  I was surprised that the closed, though, as there was no snow and only slight freezing rain/ice in the morning.  What this amounts to is the fact that they will have to make up the day on Good Friday.  It's going to be about the same tomorrow morning as it was this morning so wondering if they will be taking the day off again tomorrow.

Since she was here, we were planning on watching My Fair Lady this morning but we couldn't find our copy.  Emily has never seen it before so it would have been great fun.  I showed her clips of some of the songs from it on youtube and she was so excited.  This makes me very happy!

The blessing that I will be counting today is Kandy, my honey's OW (Office Wife).  I really enjoy email chatting back and forth with her and being able to get information that I will need shortly!

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