Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 110 of 365

Went to Emily's school today for her "Black History Program".  Her group sang "We Are The World" and did a lovely job.  Most of the program was was really good, except for the group immediately following hers. The next group did a skit about Rosa Parks. I'm not sure where they heard their story, but I always heard that Rosa Parks was an African American woman that was told to give up her seat by a white man and then was arrested. In this version she was a very tall, very white woman told to give up her seat by a black woman and then arrested. In a school that is 75% black, they couldn't find one child to play Rosa Parks? I was not the only parent that noticed this.  I was kinda floored to be honest.  How could they get it so horribly wrong?

The blessing I am counting tonight is for the knowledge of the past that helps us to not repeat it in the future.

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