Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 4 of 365

Jim left yesterday for his class in Denton. So for the next 3 days it is just me and my angel girl, Emmy. It felt so strange having supper without him last night. Emily is the one that mentioned how it didn't feel right having supper without him. We will both be glad to have our Brat home. We did get to video chat last night and this morning. Thank goodness as it makes the miles not seem quite so far apart. Sleeping alone is not my strong point either. Oh, I wasn't entirely alone, mind you. I had two four legged creatures taking up most of the bed. To be so little, they sure take up a great deal of space. Tonight, Emily has requested a sleepover. She wants to sleep with me so I guess we will have a girl's night. It's Survivor night and we do love our Survivor!

On Saturday, Emily and I will be going to do a special project with the wiser generation at our local "old folks home". We have been planning it for awhile and am so glad we can do something with them. It's hard for Emmy not having a grandparent nearby. I know I wish my kids had the kind of relationship with any of their grandparents that I had with my grandma. I miss her so. This month will be 8 years since she passed. Hard to believe it has been that long. I still talk to her often and find that if I will just pay attention, she talks back as well. She was such a special lady.

Not sure what we will do with the rest of our weekend. Maybe just make it a movie weekend. I am sure Jim will just be glad to be home! I know that for today, and the rest of the week, I will be working on tidying up our home. Since I was so sick last week and then the others were sick at the beginning of this one, it could use some cleaning, disinfecting and airing out. Those are my goals.

Enough for now, on to clean my house....15 minutes at a time!

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