Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 10 of 365

So yesterday I started feeling like crap. My head is all stuffy, throat is sore and scratchy, head is pounding. Ah yes, I recognize these symptoms. It seems I have gone and gotten myself a full blown cold. Emmy has been fighting the miniature version of this cold for a few days. I pumped her full of dayquil and sent her off to school. I know as the winter wears on she will get more colds that will be much worse so I try to keep her in school as much as possible when it is just the sniffles and cough. Here's hoping we both get to feeling better very soon.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the holidays. Last year the kids were with me for Thanksgiving and then with the ex for the first part of Christmas break, then back to me for the second half. We are supposed to reverse that for this year. With that being said, Thanksgiving is just a bit over a week away. I am trying to decide what to do about it. Normally, we spend Thanksgiving at my brother's house. Problem is that now we are further away and it will just be Jim and I if we go. We are supposed to take Emily that Tuesday evening to meet her Daddy, then come back to Marlin so Jim can be at work on Wednesday morning. If we have to do that, it will be 7 hours of driving on Tuesday, then if we go to Hobbs, we will turn around and drive 8 hours on Wednesday and again on Sunday. Jim is trying to see if he can take a vacation day on Wednesday so that we could just head on to Hobbs Tuesday evening and only drive 16 hours total for the holiday instead of 23. Seems like so much driving, but considering that November is my worst month, I think I could use spending some time away from our usual routine.

Okay, my head is about to explode so I suppose that is all for today. Here's to a quick recovery!

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  1. I think that if you decide to stay in Crane you need to do something different and change things up... to break from that routine. I do think Hobbs would be the best option, so I hope he gets Thanksgiving off. I just found out from my mom that Christine is still planning to go to my dad's, and she never told me that. So I'm a tad miffed. Of course if she gets any of the jobs offered to her, then she won't be able to... but I could have at least known so that I could have decided for myself whether or not I wanted to go. Grrrr.

    The kids are going to Bob's mother's house, and we will probably go to his family's house, although no one has said anything yet (they usually don't until that week). My mom is expecting it to be just her and Eddie, and she's fine with the thought of a nice, quiet holiday. I don't blame her. Christmas is going to be horrible :( Love you.