Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 291 of 365

Had a great day with my p again. After we dropped my honey at work, we hit the open road. We drove to Bryan and hit the produce store for some sweet berries and squash. Next stop was had, then off to Kyle field for pics of the stadium. On the drive to Snook, we stopped so she could "pick cotton" (the fluff that doesn't make it in the truck but blows all over the road) and to pick these baby melon things. In Snook we both tried chicken fried Bacon for the first time and I bought her a shirt to remember it! Next stop was the fried pie store for aggie pies (blackberry and vanilla) to bring home for dessert. We also washed the car, did the d box demo at the movie theater, and picked up Dublin Dr pepper. What a busy day out!

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