Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 288 of 365

I managed to pull off the second surprise on Emily in 4 days. First we surprised her on Thursday with a trip to the zoo to see a live Panda, then today I surprised her by telling her we had to pick up a friend of our neighbors at the airport because the neighbor wasn't feeling well. I told her what the person was supposed to be wearing and told her to help me spot her. After looking for a bit she finally said "I think that's her. Is that her? Wait, that's Auntie L-Kay! OH MY GOSH!" then ran across the airport, screaming and happy into Auntie L-Kay's arms. Both surprises had been planned for awhile and even though things slipped here and there, she never picked up on them so was completely surprised. I love when that happens and I get to see such joy on her beautiful face!

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