Monday, November 2, 2009

Dream Dates

Okay, it may sound a little cheesy to some, but Emily and I revived one of our old traditions. Whenever we were missing each other, we would make plans before bed to meet in our dreams that night. Since she is in Crane, and I am in Marlin, we have been planning these trips every night lately. We spend about a half hour talking about whatever destination we have decided to go to in our dream. We talk about what we will do, what we will eat, what we will see. We plan every detail of the trip. I then post pictures of our "trip" on our facebook accounts so we will always remember the wonderful time we had while visiting at night in our dreams. You can see these pictures here-> . We have such a wonderful time on these trips. It is a great way for us to keep building memories together, no matter how far apart we are. iI highly encourage each of you to plan a few dream dates of your own!

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