Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back spaz spaz spasms...AKA Day 108 of 365

Started out the morning okay.  Got up and started getting busy.  Em made her way to school and Jim was out the door.  Then I remembered that I didn't send lunch or lunch money with her.  This put a big pause in my morning.  I went and picked up lunch for her from Subway and went to Walmart to purchase *sigh* more bins for packing.  I came home and made it through lunch, a few boxes, phone calls, bill paying, cityville and straightening then I had to go withdraw her from school.  She handled it very well and didn't seem sad at all.  This made me feel better.  After being totally mortified by a comment involving someone planting their lips on a big white butt and having turned as red as a lobster, we finally made it out of the school.  We stopped by Sonic for drinks and tried the new sweet potato tots (YUMMO, just make sure you add salt as they don't salt them!).  We headed home where we started in on our packing again.  I managed to go through my entire closet and thin it down by a third.  Now what I didn't mention is that about midway through this day, I started having massive back spasms.  They are still happening.  Gotta love when you get stressed :(

Tomorrow takes us to Whitney, enrolling her in school, unpacking as many of the boxes that Jim has already taken there, picking them both back up, heading to Waco to pick up the UHAUL, coming back to Marlin, Kyle arriving, frantic packing finishing and a wee bit of sleep before rising on Saturday morning to load it all into the truck and head to Whitney. 

Sunday will bring us driving back to Marlin to clean the house, then Monday the carpet cleaners arrive.  Shutting off the utilities on Tuesday and we will officially be finished with our time in Marlin.  I will miss this town more than I thought I would.  I have grown accustomed to our home here, our neighbors, the town itself.  I will miss all these things, but I am very much looking forward to our new adventure!

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