Friday, March 2, 2012

OUCHIE, we all hurt!....AKA Day 109 of 365

OMg, what a very long day.  Woke at 5 to get ready to head to Whitney.  Made it out the door at 6:30 and to Whitney by 7:30.  By the time we stopped by both nursing homes and then dropped Jim off at work, we walked in the door at the school around 8.  Spent an hour enrolling her and then she decided to start school on Monday.  We stopped back by the clinic, then headed out to the house.  Emily and I were like unpacking machines.  We were able to unpack all of the pantry items, all of the stockpile, all of my clothes into the closet, all the bakeware, china, glasses, plates, tupperware etc.  We also unpacked all the games and medicine box.  We felt very accomplished when we left there.  We had lunch with Jim mid day, then around 3 we left for Hillsboro to go the bank and then to pick up some new clothes for Em's more relaxed dress code.  She was thrilled!  Back to Whitney to pick up Jim.  On to Waco to pick up the UHAUL, then back to Marlin where we started in packing again.  Just about the time we were all reaching major meltdown mode, Kyle showed up and changed the mood of the house!  Love that kid!  Now we are all about to topple over.  Think we are going to hit the hay, then start dark and early tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow is moving day!  Will be updating from my phone for a few days while we unpack and wait on the internet connection to be established.  Be well all!

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