Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 336 of 365

First off, I will not deny that I am actually writing this the day after it was supposed to be posted. I won't make apologies for that though as it was our anniversary and I was busy enjoying my honey, rather than posting. I will also admit that I am pre-dating it to make it look like I posted on time LOL

Woke up in the arms of my amazing fiance. The first words out of his mouth were "I love you, Happy Anniversary!" How could it not be a fantastic day after that amazing start? We lingered in bed for awhile, then got up and had a shower together. We dressed and packed and headed out for our day/night away. We stopped at Green's for fantastic hamburgers and amazing onion rings, then headed over to our favorite little honey store. They had just opened a winery called The Dancing Bee, and with a name like that, how could we not partake? We did a wine tasting for only $5 each and by each of us choosing different wines and sharing, we were able to sample 10 different Texas wines including their 3 house varieties. We were also given a sneak peak sample of their newest which should be coming out next month and I must say it was my favorite so we WILL be back for that. Normally I am not a fan of wine AT ALL, but I liked 3 different types and we picked up several bottles and some gifts for someone else. Clint (one of the owners) was wonderfully accommodating and so was our lovely hostess. Our next stop was a little out of the way as we drove all the way to Killeen, then headed back to Temple to check into our room. It was a wonderfully large room at the Residence Inn with a full kitchen and a comfy king sized bed. We decided to partake of some of our Killeen purchases (hee hee, gotta love field trips LOL) and then finally settled on our restaurant of choice for supper. We decided to head to BJ's Brewery and Restaurant. We were nestled into a cozy round booth and ordered avocado egg rolls for appetizers which were AMAZING. Jim had sweet tea and I had their home "brewed" cream soda, which was very good! He had a cup of New England clam chowder and I had a broccoli cheese soup that was to die for! We ordered "giant" stuffed potatoes. Now when it said giant, I had no idea and no way to prepare for what was about to be placed in front of us. MONSTROUS stuffed potatoes arrived and we each had about half, then brought the rest back to our room. It was raining so that was a plus!!! After we arrived back in the room, Jim watched a bit of the Tech/A&M game, then we headed out to the hot tub. It had stopped raining, but the rain had dropped the temp of the hot tub a little so it was more like a slightly warm bath, but it was perfect so that we could stay in longer. We had the whole area to ourselves and stayed in for well over an hour. We even got sprinkled on just a bit, but it was just perfect. To quote one of my favorite lines on a TV show "We don't go in when it rains silly, we make love when it rains!" No matter what Jim and I are doing together, we are always making love :) The last thing I remember of the evening is Jim wrapping his arm around me while we were spooning and drifting off to sleep after hearing "I love you, baby, pleasant dreams." I love this man so much!

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