Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 221 of 365

I completely acknowledge that I am not writing this on the day posted, but the next day when the fever was gone.

Woke up feeling much better, took Jim to work figuring to run some much needed errands.  Stopped to fill up Smokey Joe and drove home, figuring to pick up the angel girl and have her run errands with me.  Well from a few minutes after I got in the door, the fever returned.  It fluctuated between 102-103.5 until late evening.  The fever started busting in the evening and I was sweating like mad, but happy to do so.  I felt SO much better.  Until midnight when 102 returned.  After another 800 mg of ibuprofren, by 7 Thursday morning I was down to 97.3.  Praise God!

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